Managing Connected Users

Manage connected users and their integrations.

The Connected Users Dashboard provides an overview of your users and their connected integrations. For example, you can view which workflows your customers enable or disconnect integrations if they stop paying.

In the Connected Users Dashboard, you can find information about each user:

  • Name/User ID (e.g. or Paragon)

  • Status (e.g. Connected or Account Errors)

  • Integrations Enabled (e.g. Salesforce)

  • Date Created

Managing Integrations

The Connected Users Dashboard provides an overview of your user's connected integrations. You can uninstall any integration your user has connected to. This will permanently remove this user's connected account for the integration. They will need to revisit the Connect Portal to reconnect their account.

Disabling Users

You can disable users to stop their workflows and prevent them from using the Connect Portal. You can re-enable the user later.

Disabling Workflows for Users

You can also disable workflows for specific users. Any disabled workflow can be re-enabled by the user in the Connect Portal.

To disable a workflow for a user:

1. Select the integration the workflow belongs to

2. Click the triple-dot menu to the right of the workflow you'd like to disable.

3. Select Disable workflow for user.

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